gatso speed cameras, average speed camera detection using RoadPilot Mobile application RoadPilot Mobile
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RoadPilot’s latest mobile speed camera location system is now available on your mobile phone.

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If your smart phone has a built in GPS receiver, you can now download RoadPilot mobile - an effective GPS speed camera locator application that provides alerts for fixed and mobile speed camera sites.

RoadPilot mobile’s real-time alert facility enables motorists to notify other members of the RoadPilot user community if specific mobile speed camera sites are active (i.e. if there is a police speed checking vehicle present).

RoadPilot is a pioneer in GPS safety technology and employs a team of dedicated surveyors, whose sole job is keep the RoadPilot database of fixed safety cameras and known accident black spots completely up-to-date.

RoadPilot also supplies speed camera data to most of the most respected organisations in the navigation industry. See "B2B" Partners section.

When RoadPilot mobile is running you will still be able to make and receive phone calls on most brands of mobile phone.

average speed camera, gatso camera detection using RoadPilot Mobile software